The DREAM Act:

The DREAM Act proposals have had some good points and some points that need reworking or removal. However, getting the millions of undocumented immigrants to legal citizen status should be a priority, and is a good idea.  The problem comes when lawmakers try to have the path to citizenship follow such a difficult path, be so convoluted, and be conditional on so many things that it benefits very few, essentially undermining the entire purpose of any such proposal.  Simplification and straight-forward goals to citizenship are what we need, not more complexity and unrealistic challenges and conditions.



America is a nation of diversity, so adding to that will only further enrich our society. Trying to enforce or maintain a non-diverse population leads to stagnation, decline, and eventual demise.  What if, during World War II, we had said, “No Germans or Eastern Europeans into the U.S.!”  Well, that would have drastically slowed the US’s work on the atomic bomb, because a lot of the prominent scientists that made the technology possible were from Germany and other European nations.  Without their knowledge and expertise, it is plausible to expect that the war in the Pacific would only have concluded with the invasion of Japan itself, leading to millions of possible casualties.  Refugees and immigrants began this nation, they are a vital part of our nation, and should continue to be welcomed into this country -- they are not going to cause the American way of life and American culture to vanish in a rush of foreign culture, beliefs, and ideals -- they are what makes America great because they want to be Americans.


The Border Wall:

Not only is a wall unnecessary, it is not going to stop illegal immigration.  Also, it sends a message to the rest of the world that we are afraid of others and are not a welcoming, friendly society.  Is the United States really so frightened and xenophobic that we cannot accept into our fold people from other countries?  The Border Wall is simply unnecessary, is a massive waste of taxpayers’ money, and it sends a bold and unmistakable message to the rest of the world that we are a closed-minded country incapable in acceptance and unwilling to change and adapt to new peoples and cultures.  We must not spend vital resources on such a beacon of mistrust.


Common Sense Immigration Policies:

Sensible policies and laws for immigration need to be implemented as soon as possible. With incredibly few exceptions, immigrants to the US are regular people, not criminals or terrorists.  Most terrorist attacks that have occurred on US soil have been either from US citizens, or from legal immigrants who have been in the country for many years working and living amongst us and became radicalized long after they first came to this country.  In addition to revamping the immigration system in this country, we also must look at how we can identify early on those people who are susceptible to fanatical causes, and how we can deal with those people who are being and have been radicalized.


Immigration Reform:

Even though border security is important, it should not take thousands of dollars and months or years in order to immigrate. We need streamlined procedures, reduced cost, and faster processing times.  There are many other countries whose immigration policies we could look to for guidance in being able to admit more people into this country who want to become taxpaying, law-abiding citizens.



Refugees are, as people, no different than anyone else in a given society. Their current overarching goal is to escape a country in which the social conditions are so bad that they feel they have no choice but to leave their own country.  They are often being persecuted and or killed no justifiable reason.  We, America, as a nation born of refugees and immigrants, are obligated to do what we can to assist them, to welcome them into our country, so that they can then call America their home and truly be Americans.